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Citizens of many countries of Europe and the Americas need no visa for Chile. Everyone, though, must submit a passport valid for at least six months as of the day the travel begins and the tourist card handed out on the plane, as well as paying a reciprocity fee at the airport prior to clearing customs.
Citizens of other countries should apply for a tourist visa before traveling to Chile. Please check the location of the Chilean Consulate nearest you on the homepage of Chile’s Ministry of External Relations at www.minrel.gov.chl. Visa processing usually follows a simple procedure that takes about seven days.
Citizens of China and other Asian countries must fill out a visa application form (obtainable from the pertinent Chilean Consulate or Embassy), submit a valid passport, proof of purchase of a round-trip ticket, proof of financial resources (usually a credit card or a statement of account), and a passport-size photo. In some cases, applicants should also submit an invitation letter from a Chilean counterpart. For those interested, Gecamin Ltda may issue such a letter, but be sure to contact us ahead of time.

If you do need a visa for admission into Chile, we advise you to file your application as soon as possible to avoid any inconvenience.

Reciprocity Fee 
Before being admitted into the country by the International Police, holders of passports from Australia, Canada, United States, Mexico, and Albania have to pay a reciprocity fee.
- Australia US$ 95
- Albania US$ 30
- Canada US$ 132
- United States US$ 140
- Mexico US$ 23
Further information at the Collection Windows
Telephone (+ 56 2) 690 10 63 
After attaching the payment slip to their passport, passengers should proceed to immigration control.